Falling Icarus
falling due to my own devices and designs


I found myself responding to an email today and while answering a question I wrote “(Mark 2:21…)”.  The response should have started, “(Mark 2-21:).  The inital version looked so much like a bible verse ( it was just my name and today’s date) I had to look it up:

” No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. If he does, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.”New International Version (©1984)

“No man places a new strip of cloth and sews it on an old garment lest the fullness of that new cloth takes from the old, and it rips more.” Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)

All and all that’s good advise.  Pre-Shrink your fabric, or don’t sew two fabrics together with different shrinkages. The fabric will buckle and not be as stable. Ironic that a man who sews and creates clothing everyday would find this.  Not only is it ironic due to my career, but it really echos somethings I am struggling with.  Sure I know it was a lot more common before modern times for every member of the family to sew.  Yet that is what makes it so special.  This is modern times.  Hardly anyone sews or deals with shrinkage, (leave the puns alone please) at the same level I do.  This random occurrence at 9:30am on Feb 21st really strikes a cord with me. I’ve been thinking about it all day.   It feels like it stands out for a reason.

When I was a child I would take the bus by myself to go to church. As a kid I was always searching for meanings.  Year by year as I grew older I learned about other religions. Gradually paganism became my dominate belief. I actually had a dream that Jesus came to me at home in our trailer and told me to pursue that path.

Now as an adult I believe that there is an all powerful being.  It is the sum of all parts of the universe.  I thought that made me a Buddhist.  Sometimes I think Christ was a Buddhist. I have stayed away from organized religion for some time, but it might be time to reexamine.


Cain and Gingrich and the moral authority!!!


Last month, emerging GOP presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich gave one of the most authoritarian speeches in recent American history. In it, Gingrich promised to openly defy Supreme Court decisions that he disagrees with, and to wage a campaign of intimidation against judges who decide cases in ways Gingrich does not like. At a forum sponsored […]/p

via Cain Jumps On Gingrich’s Authoritarian Bandwagon, Pledging To Openly Defy The Law If SCOTUS Strikes DOMA.


Logo for our new Tribal Fusion and Fire Fusion Belly Dance group.  We are premiering at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.


Times are slow at work and I have had the sticker idea floating around my skull for a little bit, so here it is!


Going to rock two sets tribal style!!! Here is a small flyer I made.


It turned out kind of pretty and peaceful.


This piece was made during the bush administration,  however after the new find of resources from Afghanistan, I will bet it still fits.



I sit here this morning examining this body of mine, allowing my gaze to pause momentarily over those deep groves. Those places that still sting with pink defiance. It occurs to me I am unaware where each of these marks are from. Are they from the fall? Are they physical memorials of my mother dead yet still not in a grave? Are they self infected manifestations of pains unknown and unwilling to be known? Maybe they are from past lovers, or perhaps just of good times gone a rye. No matter what the cause they are as much a part of me as the smooth places. Scarred but not broken.


Icarus was reading this morning and found this great OP-ED article by David Brooks. It really gave him some things to think about.

“… it is possible to achieve momentary harmony through creative work. Max has all his Wild Things at peace when he is immersed in building a fort or when he is giving another his complete attention. This isn’t the good life through heroic self-analysis but through mundane, self-forgetting effort, and through everyday routines.”

Icarus has to agree with this analysis. When there is too much going on and too many things he cannot control it is time to create. Time to step back and focus on something other then the fall.