Falling Icarus
falling due to my own devices and designs


Achilles was a man who fell in love with his best friend, Patroclus. Patroclus was also known as Narcissus. Young Narcissus was cruel to his boyfriends and self obsessed. Most of us known what became of him. As this Icarus’ life leads him down a new and unconventional path he hopes he is not becoming The Emotional Narcissus. As important as emotion is to him he must also hold the emotions of his counters in as high esteem. Communication and respect can be hard among the traditional, add in the new found and it grows even more difficult. He cannot just worry about those as they relate to him, he has to let them have their bond. This can only work out if everyone has a union individually, as well as the group having it as a whole. Icarus must stop starring into that emotional pound or he will get stuck.
The waters need to flow where they will. He is sure they are allowed to, they will end up filling the deepest voids.

Your humble writer as he writes for Icarus


I always knew atlas would be tall. I didn’t however know how thin he would be. To be honest though, tall and thin has always been my type. I also never fathomed how heavy the world is. Does he complain, no. Even without the words I see the pain in his eyes. I wish with all my heart there was something I could do. Maybe just help with one of the corners. Maybe just find something he could rest it on. Atlas will have none of that. He tells me as long as I stand near him and lean some encouragement, its enough support. I hope that it is. Without Atlas to hold this world and all its weight I am sure I would fall off.

Thank you Atlas, I love you.

Falling Icarus


One might assume by the title of this blog that this writer and artist is a wee bit sensitive. That is an under statement. My emotions run deep. Whether we are speaking of the highest or the lowest of said emotions, they are felt to their limits.
Due to that I take heed with those people I keep close to me. The words and actions of these people have a profound affect on me. (I used the proper word there right?)
Sunday I was a little hurt by a friends change of plans and actions after this change. I am really not one who should take issue with a change in plans. I have been known in the past to be one who could never make firm plans. My hurt feelings were entirely selfish. I wanted his time all to my self. His actions after the “the flake” were pretty lame, but understandable. Even though this Icarus knew these rational points, once again his emotions betrayed him.
Last night, ironically on Yom Kipper, I came home to find three red roses. Yom Kipper, for those who don’t know, is the Jewish day if atonement.
The apology was felt so deeply. I am a sucker for romance, for flowers, and for the power of three.

I am thankful that the young scholar in question recognizes my emotions and understands how I viewed Sunday evening. The gods are smiling today!

Thank you my young scholar!



It is not often that we reach Apollo, but it is our never ending effort that makes life worth living.  The allegory means something different to each of us. For some, Apollo is bar tender who will never give us their number. For others it is the quest for a better earth.  For me? I guess I am unclear.  I do know however that there is beauty everywhere, and I would like to add to it.  I am sure I will often fall short. It has to be the process that is important. As long as I have my husband and my beautiful friends I will keep trying to reach the sun.